Oak door stop with Unicorn

Oak door stop with Unicorn

This is the perfect small gift for fans of Unicorns and Fairies!

The wooden base has been hand made by us in our workshop, the locally sourced Oak is first cut to size then turned on the lathe to produce the finial. Then the oak is shaped to suit the figurine which is a very cute Unicorn with a Fairy sat on the back.

Once shaped the Oak is sanded (twice!) to produce a smooth finish before the figurine is permanently fixed to the wooden wedge.
Once complete the Oak is given a coat of Teak Oil which enhances the grain and helps to preserve the wood.

This is a great gift at a reasonable cost given that it is hand made.

It is also practical !

The size and grain pattern may vary slightly as each is individually made.
The usual size is about 7" long  and  2" wide.