Hobo fishing system

Hobo fishing system

We were asked to make this so Dave designed this model. Made from locally sourced hardwood , those shown are Ash and Maple. The large diameter is the spool where the line is wound around the outside and the inside is hollow to allow the fishing tackle to be stored, This design allows a float , weights and hooks to be stored ready for use.

The top on most designs is a cork or similar. We actually turn the threads into both top and body so it can be screwed together.

We tried this design out on a beach in Norfolk, simply attach your weights (we include a 1oz sinker weight for sea fishing) , hook and bait , hold the line on the spool with light thumb pressure and cast it out , the line unspools from the body with ease. Then hand wind it in . The lanyard slips over your wrist for security!

This will come supplied with line wound around the body (secured with a rubber band) and the inside will have a float, weights and hooks.

Ideal on holiday , on a boat or when off for a walk! Great fun indeed!

These will be made from a variety of hard woods , if in doubt please contact us.

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