Hand turned Bird House, spectacular bird box , unique design , great gift

Hand turned Bird House, spectacular bird box , unique design , great gift

Lovely hand made and unique bird house . Turned from locally sourced hardwoods in our workshop, this was designed by us and will be a marvellous gift for any occasion.

The Roof is turned from a single piece of Ash which has a distinctive grain pattern similar to the body of the bird house.
The main body has also been turned  from English Ash which has a lovely natural pattern in the grain.  The central Elm band contrasts beautifully, The base is Beech and the Finials are made from contrasting Ash.

All the woods we use are locally sourced hardwoods, all from the same supplier and we can trace each tree we use to ensure that it is produced by natural wastage and not farmed or forested. It is also sourced from within a 50 mile radius so transport is minimal.

The base is attached to the body with 3 screws so if the box needs cleaning it is a simple matter to remove the base. The bird house comes with a sisal rope loop intended for hanging , any suitable tree or even a bracket from a building is ideal, just ensure that the bird house is not in full sun.

The height of the bird house overall is 14" (36cm) , the diameter of the roof is 9" (23cm) and the diameter of the body is 6" (15cm). The entrance hole is 1" (2.54cm) as is recommended by the RSPB for blue tits , wrens and other small birds.
Please note that we do not fit a perch. They may look pretty but they are not recommended as they allow predators to sit at the entrance hole.

Once the bird house is complete we apply several coats of external standard Polyurethane Varnish which also contains a UV protection agent. This gives a lovely long lasting sheen to the bird house.

We have been making bird houses and feeders for many years and these have proved to be very popular as gifts.

We have included a picture sent to us by a customer which caught the sight of a blue tit leaving her bird box , one she had bought from us. So yes , birds love them too!

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