Hand Turned Bird house

Hand Turned Bird house

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The turned bird house is designed by us and made from carefully selected locally sourced english hard woods.

Dave turns each component part (usually 8 pieces) before constructing these bird houses, a process he has developed over the years in order to make these full size bird houses.

These bird houses are full size and allow smaller birds to make a very comfortable home within the large hollow body. The entrance hole is the RSPB recommended diameter of 28mm , allowing wrens and the Tit family to enter. 

This ensures that the larger predatory breeds can not interfere with the nesting birds.

This is why there is no perch, they may look decorative but allow predators to sit.

The base can be removed by unscrewing the 3 screws. This is not usually necessary and would disturb the occupants. 

There is a photograph which one of our customers sent us to show their family of blue tits using the house.

So , yes , birds do use these houses!

Very time consuming to make, usually a day and a half before 2 coats of "Osmo" natural wax / Oil preservative is applied to the exterior. This takes a further 2 days for each coat to dry.

We have been making these for over 4 years and as soon as one is made it sells at market. When busy periods like Christmas approaches we have to stop taking orders as they are so popular.

So if you would like one please give us at least 2 weeks notice and if we can help , we will.


These are absolutely unique , each one is different, we use different woods on most of our bird houses so the finished item depends on whichever wood Dave decides to use at the time .

Should you wish to order a bird house we would send you a photograph of the finished item prior to making a decision to buy.


This is a gift which is always well received , something totally hand crafted . We will show more of how these are made in our blog.

  • Dimensions and Material

    We use a variety of Locally sourced non farmed hard woods. Walnut , Sycamore, Ash, English Oak , Cherry , London Plane to name but a few.

    These will alway differ dependant upon what is ready for use at the time. All of the roofs are made from Sweet Chestnut which has a great resilience to weather.

    We also finish the exterior with "Osmo" wax/oil which is a natural product which preserves the wood and prevents mould. This should be applied annually.

    The size of the bird houses are generally between 18" - 20" high , the roof diameter is 10" and the largest body diameter is usually about 8". Sizes do vary slightly.

  • Delivery time

    Please allow at least 2 weeks from initial order as these are very time consuming. The wait will be worth it!

  • Position of the bird house

    The bird house is designed to hang either from a tree or even a strong bracket. You can never guarantee that birds will visit the bird house at first. Experiment with the position , not in direct sun ever. If birds don't visit then move the house somewhere else and they will eventually visit and even make a home.



Based in Finchampstead , UK