English Oak bookends with Upcycled Taps

English Oak bookends with Upcycled Taps

We make many bookends , these quirky upcycled taps are always a favourite!

The Oak is locally sourced and is cut to size to fit the upcycled taps. Each piece of the Oak is planed and the sanded to a smooth finish before being joined together to make the bookends. The screw holes are finished with hand made Oak dowels to ensure a smooth exterior.
The Oak has been given a coat of Teak Oil which preserves the wood and enhances that lovely Oak grain.

The taps have been engineered so that they are securely fitted to the Oak bases but the taps still turn. No water emerges though!

So if you want a gift for someone who has everything- they won't have these!

Looking great on any shelf or desk, these are unusual and a lot of fun.

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