Crochet blocking board handmade in English Elm.

Crochet blocking board handmade in English Elm.

We were asked by a local crochet group to make a blocking board . Dave set to work and as we only use local and ethically sourced hardwood English Elm was his preferred choice in this case. This particular Elm has been seasoned for 4 years now and is a lovely rich colour.

Initially a prototype was made for use with bamboo skewers. This worked but the skewers proved to be flimsy and snagged the wool.
The finished board was then supplied with 3mm stainless steel rods tapered at each end to fit snugly in the drilled holes.
This was trialled by our local craft group and proved very successful. 

So this board is just over  12" (30 cm) long and about 10" (25 cm) wide , just over 1" (28 cm) thick. 
The pattern of holes will accept squares up to 22 cm in increments of 1 cm.
According to feedback from customers hexagons and even heart shapes can be blocked on this board.

So if you are working in imperial measurements please allow for conversion differences to metric.
The wood is finely sanded then has been finished with pure mineral oil finish which gives the wood a natural sheen and will give the board some water resistance .
(Please do not immerse in water though!)
8 stainless steel pins 3mm in diameter 7" (17cm) long are supplied. They have been cut to length then a slight taper machined on the ends. This comes with a small block of matching Elm wood which allows the pins to be stood on their ends convenient for use.
The board is fitted with felt pads on the base to prevent scratching to your furniture.
Each board is hand made in locally sourced wood and the grain pattern varies from board to board .

There are many boards available , plastic , composite material , plywood and softwood. Most are probably cheaper than ours. However we have been making these for several years now and have resumed making them following a customer request.
These boards have proved very popular and  Dave usually only makes one at a time . Should you like to have one please don't wait too long!

Please bear in mind that this is a natural product and can be affected by heat differences. It is best to keep wood away from radiators , direct sunlight etc.

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