Bookends, handmade in Oak with Owls

Bookends, handmade in Oak with Owls

We make a variety of bookends , all hand made from locally sourced English Oak. The Back is made from 1" thick oak , the base slightly thicker , about 1.75 " . The Oak is cut to size then planed until flat and smooth. This is then sanded until it becomes even smoother before the base is fixed to the back using wood screws, The screw holes are finished with hand made Oak dowels which contrast nicely and make a neat , professional finish.

The finished size of each bookend is about 8" high, 5" wide and 6.5" deep.

This is then sanded once more before the decorative item is permanently fixed to the Oak base. Once complete a coat of Teak Oil is applied to the Oak to enhance the grain and protect the wood.

These bookends have been hand made to fit these lovely Owls which look marvellous against the Oak, wise Owls looking after the books!

So , a great gift for a book lover , a bird lover or to help tidy that bookshelf!

Should you have any suggestions or requests for bookends , please contact us.

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