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Wood , Glorious Wood!

This photo is our latest batch of wood , stacked in the barn first week of January 2020. Here we have large sheets of hardwoods , in slices from locally felled trees (you can even see the bark on them!). Most of these trees were felled over 4 years ago mostly from local gardens , farms and in some cases from local Parks authorities.

When we first started producing wood crafts , like most artisans we sourced our woods from timber merchants. However we found that all the wood we could find seemed to be exotic tropical or European forested hardwoods.

About 10 years ago we discovered Paul. His business was passed down from his Dad and over the years he sources local hardwoods , felling and planking most himself.

He then stacks all of his wood in his yard and allows it to naturally air dry.

This means that we have to be patient! Some species like English Oak can take 4 years or more to season and dry properly.

And so we wait for nature to take it's time.

This means that we can't go to Paul and demand to buy a certain wood because it may not be ready. We have to use what is available and make our designs using the wood that is ready.

We only ever use wood from Paul as we know that it is good quality , ethically sourced and he knows exactly where it came from.

All within 50 miles of Andover in Hampshire.

We believe that English Hardwoods are amazing. In the stack shown in the photo there is Walnut , Elm , Ash , Sycamore, Spalted Beech and English Oak.These are the foundations of our business, we only use wood from Paul and everything is made by us in our home workshop.

Just a small selection of our designs!

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