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What is Shedkraft ?

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Shedkraft is a family affair! Kathy has been selling for many years. If it can be sold Kathy is the person to close the deal. Dave (her husband) discovered a love of woodwork in his spare time and started making crafts in their garden shed.

Initially it was bird houses that Kathy took to market and they sold!

Eventually , Dave left his full time job; they both took the plunge and started a business - Shedkraft was born!

The business has evolved , the shed has been replaced by a workshop with a full complement of machine tools and Kathy now sells at selected markets and country fairs.

Shedkraft make unique wooden crafts , designed and made at their own workshop. All of the wood used to make each piece comes from only one source. No wood is farmed or forested and comes from trees within a 50 mile radius of home. Only local hardwoods are used which are air dried for years until ready for use.

They believe that British hardwoods are as lovely as exotic woods taken from the rain forests of the world and therefore far more ecologically responsible.

Their designs evolve all the time and the range of pieces made is considerable. Historically only sold at physical markets and fairs now this website has been launched at the request of customers to enable them to buy Shedkraft's products on line.

It would be very difficult to list all products on this site that are available . However, many will be published and customers will be able to request certain pieces not published or to commission something themselves.

Kathy in her very own "Shed". Some of the stock is kept here when not at markets or Fairs. Customers are welcome to come to our home and buy direct from us . It saves on postage costs so is cheaper and you get to meet Kathy and of course see the items yourself. There is no obligation to buy but if you wish to order something on our website then come and see the finished product you will be made very welcome!

We can take card payments here as well. Simply email us or phone to arrange a visit , Kathy is at many markets and fairs throughout the year but a mutually convenient date can always be found.

Dave and his apprentice - Daisy the workshop cat. She is always at the workshop, sometimes getting in the way but always making us smile!

This was where it all began over 10 years ago! The original shed which gave us the idea for the name "Shedkraft"

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