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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Since we started Shedkraft over 10 years ago , we make many designs , listen to customers and often make bespoke items at their request which is always a pleasure , Dave enjoys a challenge!

To list them all would be a lengthy process but we will try to show that we do actually make every wooden piece at home in our workshop.

Dave in the workshop at his lathe!

Dave often has an idea for a project and about 4 years ago he wanted to make a bird house but all turned on the lathe. He had made many traditional bird houses , bird tables and feeders but felt he could design and make this Rolls Royce version. So he did!

After many prototypes his new design called for 9 individual components to be hand turned then sanded smooth with each fitting together to form a strong construction which would give a large internal area for small birds.

This has been a labour of love even though he can not keep up with demand usually as each takes a day and a half to make with a further 2 days for the preservative to dry correctly.

This is how he started his latest bird house. He selected Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, Sycamore and a lovely piece of character Ash , cut into blanks.

The body is complete with a 28mm hole for the entrance.

Roof fitted , base complete. The base is screwed to the body and can be removed if necessary for cleaning.

The finished item , a long process but well worth it!

So here at Shedkraft we really do make it all ourselves in our home workshop. Our customers love these bird houses and we thank them for their continued support.

One customer sent us a picture of their bird house with a blue tit flying out of it so the birds love them as well!

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